IE Watch Professional

Designed for efficiency, IEWatch Professional is an extension of browsers aimed at supporting web development and analysis. It makes the operation of websites transparent. As a trusted and popular analysis tool for HTML/HTTP, it’s bundled with many features that help save time.

With the ability to personalize your work area using windows style docking of Visual Studio, the program is designed for flexibility, power and ease-of-use. Different web professionals take advantage of IEWatch Professional to complement their development tasks as follows:

Ajax and JavaScript Developers use the program to examine scripts against production web pages based on the same server code (no code modifications are required).

Web Developers use the program to examine POST, Cookies and Get information; debug HTTPS and HTTP traffic; and locate HTML codes by simply making direct clicks on the given web pages.

Web Analysts take advantage of the program’s powerful search and filter capabilities to analyze HTTP traffic associated with tracking code for web analysis. They also use the program’s built-in Request Builder tool to simulate or mimic requests for HTTP Web Analytics.

System Administrators use the program’s HTTP performance chart to identify performance challenges by assessing HTTP data.

Website Designers usually provide their customers with several website mockups prior to getting final approvals to work on for the deliverables. They can easily and promptly develop website prototypes by editing existing internet web pages using IEWatch Professional software.

Quality Assurance Engineers also make use of the IEWatch Professional software to analyze the functionalities of web applications (even those running in the background) to unearth impending problems. Therefore, the software helps quality assurance engineers to ensure that all functions of any particular website are transparent.

This ensures that the unearthed hidden problems can be easily isolated, in addition to verifying the website’s data security.