About IEWatch

IEWatch is an Internet Explorer add-on used for detailed and flexible assessment and modification of web pages. It has an interface similar to a spreadsheet and a toolbar that attach onto every chosen web page through extension information.

The program functions in the same way as standard database buttons. The add-on comes with a help file, including well-written quick start guides. It’s a tool to help you collect facts about web pages. As your Internet Explorer receives HTTP data, it’s captured and displayed in the form of charts and logs you can easily interpret on a standard web page.

With the many functions of the IEWatch add-on, you are able to find the storage location of web page items, the manner in which cookies are utilized and the amount of time taken by each web page item to load. By simply clicking on a link or tab in the log, real-time opening of every function of the add-on occurs.

HTML code analysis is also possible once a particular web page loads. Although you can instantly switch over, the web page must be reloaded. Items of a web page are listed based on their type to help you navigate the page. HTML code modification is as easy as typing in the new script or code on another tab after highlighting an item by clicking on it in the web page list.

Seasoned web designers have access to intuitively organized add-on functions and tabs. As a programmer, you only need to assess the displayed information to enhance the web pages of your website. Although the program is easy to install and use, it performs just like many similar, but more affordable HTTP and HTML analysis tools.


The well-designed add-on has proven to satisfy the needs of many website developers. In conclusion, the IEWatch is a Microsoft Internet Explorer plug-in aimed at improving the performance of websites. It enables you to access data on GET queries, cookies, POST command and HTTPS/HTTP headers for analysis.

The program enables you to access unencrypted data transmitted over SSL or HTTPS connections. It comes with a feature dubbed ‘HTML Spotlight’ to facilitate prompt HTML code highlights by making direct clicks on your website web pages.

The latest add-on version,, comes with a built-in Request Builder tool for mimicking HTTP requests such as uploads of RFC 1867 files, in addition to HTTP server response analysis.

Our mission is to help our customers achieve their web development tasks more efficiently by providing them innovative, powerful and easy to use software products. Our flagship product is IEWatch, a multi award winning HTTP/HTML Analyzer.

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